Tetra Labs GoldMist CBD Oral Spray

$50 each

GoldMistâ„¢ CBD is high quality and dependable, and is backed by accurate testing and labeling.

Unlike tinctures, dropper bottles, edibles, and other products, you know you are getting the exact dose every time. GoldMist is always predictable because the micro-atomizer sprays a precise dose into the mouth. The dose is always 1.25mg of CBD. If you want 5mg, that’s four sprays.

The cosmetic-quality borosilicate glass atomizer is small, convenient and easy to use. A tight-fitting cap keeps the nozzle clean. The 3.5ml vial contains 100mg CBD, and dispenses 80 sprays.

Ingredients: 100mg CBD, grain alcohol, natural flavoring oils, sweetener

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